Breakin The Law...

As a tribute to the Gods of Heavy Metal and my life-long passion for food, obsession for cooking and hard rock n roll, I offer you up this set of shots to tempt your taste buds…enter Judas Priest and the Taste of Bordeaux! How do the two go together one might ask? They don’t, they exist only in my head.

Enter Breakin the Law…breaking the laws of the normalcy, the mundane, or the routine, and certainly not traditional but with respect to tradition yet aimed at the modern, new and creative…

Livin After Midnight…enjoying all that is good and/or mischievous…in all that we do...in and out of the kitchen…for it is typically after midnight that I find myself delving into the realm of new ideas, long after most have faded into darkness and submitted to slumber.

Victims of Changes…victims of good taste, flavor, and style… for it was a select handful, subjected to an extraordinary meal and gathering of ingredients prepared with love, passion and desire… handcrafted with care, focused on the dedication towards excellence and total immersion of taste, and some great wines from the infamous region that is aforementioned.
silky pumpkin "cappuccino", chives, apples, pumpkin seed oil
gougeres with lobster, tarragon and avocado
smoked rabbit roulade, apricot mostarda, pistachios
raw shigoku oyster, hibiscus gelee, micro celery, licorice poached celery
bergamot, crème fraiche, lillet sorbet, crispy potato wafer
duck and chanterelle "pithivier", sunchoke puree, banyuls shallots, salsify
red ribbon sorrel, blackberry-laurel sauce
pan roasted monkfish, white truffled celery root puree
braised oxtails, glazed cepes, beet blush shoot, truffle essence
pepper crusted venison loin, savory hubbard squash cake, cassis mustard seeds
matsutake mushrooms, juniper carrots, persimmons compote
wild huckleberry "sauce rounenaise"
american wagyu beef loin, quince-foie gras "tart", whipped cranberry
crosnes, baby turnips, maitake mushrooms, quince-cognac sauce
taste of bordeaux...
chocolate-coffee cremeux cone, chocolate-espresso cannel, cherries, pears
hazelnut macaron, prune-armagnac ice cream, coffee, caramel and cherry jus

this is for all you head bangers out there!


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