Carpe Diem Baby...

When all is said and done, one must feel good about what they have accomplished, or they must keep pushing forward towards perfection, satisfaction and completion in all that they are and all that they do. Redemption of self worth is so important. One must feel like they have a purpose and a meaning, a sense of fulfillment in their journey. Along that path, we must go after what we desire, whether it be our career, our craft, our passions or our hearts. To seize the day, the circumstance, the moment...is what we should always aim for in life, for if we don't, we risk stumbling and fumbling our way through our existence without that sense of fulfillment...only to become a bleeding soul crying out for that redemption. I try hard to seize the day in all that I am and all that I do...thank all of you whoom I have worked with and worked for, for all your inspiration and for showing me this importance!
smoked rabbit roulade, slow roasted cepes, smoked pecans, saba,
apple salad, red ribbon sorrel, mustard dressing

spiced foie gras torchon, gingerbread streusel dust, beet paint, persimmons chutney
pomegranate gel, duck spice powder cassis reduction,
toasted brioche rubbed with hazelnut-cacao nib honey

grilled cobia belly, sautéed oca, roasted monkfish, bucatini pasta
roasted maitake mushrooms, white truffle-oxtail dashi

american wagyu beef loin sous vide, pumpkin, matsutake mushrooms
brussels sprout-walnut-onion hash, date puree, arugula
braised quince-cognac essence


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