In My Element...

That is what is could be said of the experience planning for, styling for, cooking for and executing for the wicked two-day photo shoot we did for our new and upcoming web site. Our photographing team was nothing short of phenomenal and inspiring! After about a total of 32 hours in two days, including two back to back chefs tables full of some great dishes and shots, I felt exhausted but so overwhelmed with greatness about what we had accomplished. This was not something one experiences everyday so to be blessed with this opportunity with the team collaborations, collective creative energy and cooking in the moment was nothing short of completely amazing! Here are a few shots of the food that was so humbling and fulfilling. I hope that our team enjoyed it as much as I did.
journey of rabbit

shigoku oysters and pearls

silky, sexy foie gras

roasted florida snapper

frozen yogurt and rosemary soda mezzo

wagyu beef loin and 8 different flavors

sous vide chicken

pre dessert of pb & j

winter symphony of sweets


Blogger reikimargaret said...

Beautiful images for beautiful food!

4:56:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

Thank you so much...so glad you enjoyed them. It is a passion and a love. An expression of taste! Cheers

4:58:00 PM  

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