Random Tastes of Tradition...

Since it has been a distance since my last post, I wanted to just push out a few random shots of things that have been happening here, there and around. There is really a lot more to post, yet I just need to find the time. As my normal position is not a full time blogger or food critic, I need to focus my energies on sometimes other things...like work, development of the craft, kids, music, the pursuit of happiness and traveling down the long road of that thing called life. What to do...At any rate, here is a screen shot of some fun things that will surely segue into my next full on food post. Until then...
Mis en Place!
sauce bottles full and ready for service

green harissa brushed lamb, polenta fries, chickpeas, fig mostarda
almonds, cumin roasted baby carrots, micro arugula, syrah salt

Truffles...oh glorious Truffles!
Perigord's finest...

a smattering of house brined, cured, cooked and almost raw pickles


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