Up Before the Dawn...

Before the dawn...I think...I dream...I contemplate...I create...I write...I plan and I imagine all things good in my life and the amazing experiences, love, good times and emotions that have been presented to me and that I have been so gratefully blessed with along the way. I am blessed to have been given the ability to be a parent and a father to two wonderful boys and I am so grateful for the passion and ability to cook in the way which god gave me. I like to believe I am a happy person with passions and ambitions to have a great life, have fun, keep a sense of humor and continue to strive to make people happy through my cooking and provide for them the many wonderful experiences that I believe that I have. Folks will ask me when I am cooking for them "how long did that take to think of that"? or... "How long have you been planning this meal, dish etc"?...Usually, my answer is the same~ I plan things as I cook, as I drive to work, as I listen to the crazy music that I do, as I think about the the good times and as I am staying up late into the wee hours of the morning..."before the dawn"...Cheers!
compressed apples, curry steeped celery, cranberry gelee, celery leaves, smoked pecans
spiced pumpkin seeds, cider pudding, gingerbread streusel, maple-bourbon dressing

flat iron of beef sous vide, pepper crusted, brussels-walnut-potato hash
juniper roasted carrots, chanterelle-quince-parsnip pastie, micro arugula
pomegranate sauce


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