Wake Up Call...

wow...long time no post. What can I say...been busy, a lot on my mind, knee deep in a cool ass photo shoot, out of town on vacation and consumed with life on many levels. Same ol' shit, different month. However, I look ahead in a positive light, knowing that my destiny is certain, whether I know it's outcome or not, and that I have faith in a life that is good. Now, this post is not what it may appear at first glance, which may read like a typical blog restaurant review. It is about the pursuit of happiness, life and passion, and giving all you can when at your craft. It is about southern hospitality, the care a team puts into their all, both food and service, and gracious well...hospitality; southern style. Enter Reveille (rev-uh-lay), meaning amongst others, a wake up call. This little gem was the find of the week while visiting in Atlanta, GA. Each time I visited, count them...4 times in 5 days, was great. I don't say that often, or often enough perhaps. First time was for coffee...great. Vivacious staff, conversational, excited about the restaurant, full of life. The FOH manager and I carried on a convo about grits and the love she puts into them, each and very moment. I was sold. She gave me sample. Super tasty, smooth, smoky from the gouda, well and properly seasoned. Simple and good. Inspired and promised to come in again. Day two...had the same great greeting, service and more involved convo about food, life, their jobs, et al. The passion they exuded was so evident and inspiring. For a small breakfast joint in the off-the beaten-path area was cool. I thought, why isn't every place like this? Blueberry-lemon pancakes, side of wonderfully scrambled eggs, coffee...fantastic. Day three...stuffed French toast covered with crushed up cornflakes, cream cheese filling, maple...amazing. staff vibrant, informed, well spoken, honest and oozing southern charm. Robin, the manager and her staff are awesome. I wish I could have bottled up some of that and tucked it in my suitcase for the trip home to share with my home town and team. Now, I did not meet the cooks, who I was informed are all of Hispanic descent and a bunch of solid work horses to say the least. Dedicated, consistent, committed and each holding down several jobs working several hundred hours all combined. Not much new there. Day four...on my last day before heading to airport, I stopped in with my sister to eat, have one last good breakfast and say goodbye. Nothing would disappoint. Greeted with a southern smile, graciousness and charm, this Georgia doll made us feel so welcome. I asked myself...where does all this come from? If all the restaurants in the world had half of this, the world of dining would be a much better place. Robin was swamped in the back expediting, but made certain to come out and greet us, wish us well and say adios. I saved the best for last and ordered the shrimp and grits. After the lengthy conversation the day prior and to some degree, some debate as to the process, I simply could not leave Atlanta without trying them. They were awesome to say nothing but the least! Silky and sexy, laden with spicy tasso, shrimp, tomatoes, smoky cheesy-ness from the gouda, and ever-so-correct on the seasoning. Somebody was paying attention. Way cool to see and taste from my point of view and in this business. Thank you Robin for southern hospitality and your passion! I recommend this place to anyone heading to the Atlanta area, specifically Acworth(about 30 minutes north). The moral of all this is that whatever one does, or is involved in or lives in, don't just manage your way through it...give it your all, give it your heart, give it your soul! It can and will make a difference. This was a great experience in not only dining, but also in life, my own pursuit of relationships and work and the business in general.
southern style cup of joe


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