Sympathy for the Devil...

Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste!~ If gluttony and over-indulgence are one of the seven deadly sins, then this would surely be considered taking part! Gluttony in taste and over indulgence in the luxury of flavor. Divine, sinful and sensual as it were. These few dishes were part of a celebration of the season and the taking part of a triumphant juxtaposition of amazing ingredients. Cooking from the heart. This off the cuff ensemble was for a good friend who is all about food. One that I have had the great, great pleasure of cooking for many times. Enter Foie Gras and White Truffles...mmm, hard to go wrong. These are some of the things that do not come along every day, for if they did, it wouldn't be special. I wish everyone could taste and enjoy the dishes that were crafted that afternoon, yet for now, you will all have to enjoy them vicariously through this blog. For those that know where to obtain this humble cooking...I look forward to seeing you soon. For those that do not...if you meet me, have some courtesy, have some sympathy, and some taste~ enjoy!
foie gras torchon, pumpkin-pepper sponge, apples, apple jam, arugula
pistachios, huckleberry pearls, root beer pudding, spiced duck powder

braised rabbit pappardelle, white alba truffles, pumpkin, chanterelles
grana padano parmesan, mostarda, balsamic rabbit jus

slow braised veal cheeks, silky parsnip puree, matsutake mushrooms
thumbelina carrots, douglas fir sauce, pine bud essence
white truffle-celery root soup

alternate shot


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