Wanted Dead or Alive...

We as chefs are always searching for something new. Something to satisfy our passions... that burning desire to be creative, the need to fulfill our destiny of doing something worthy of our peers and public alike and an opportunity to build upon or maintain our reputation as noble craftsmen. We seek the blood of our profession that in turn fuels our fire and our hearts. Some lose sleep over it, some don't sleep at all. Some lose relationships over it and some gain new relationships in forms of addictions and even death. And all for what? A job and life that keeps us crazy busy at all hours of the day and doesn't even allow for much time away from work with loved ones and family? Hell. It is a way of life, a crazy one and if one is lucky...a damn good one. One just needs to be smart about it and balance things out, for all that is good, will surely come to an end if all we focus on is the work. Believe me, I know. It is a creative outreach and an internal soothing of the soul in which can bring out the best in us, or the worst. I wouldn't trade my career and craft for anything, for it is what I am, not what I do, and yet, so much I would do differently to be able to spend more time with my two sons. If I can teach my craft, my passion and my philosophy of life, love and career to those who are seeking this path, to help inspire them towards a better future, and perhaps enlighten towards a more positive alternative to life on the streets to the younger generation then I am certainly doing what I am supposed to do. Helping others and creating good times and memories for guests is why I do what I do. I only hope that I have made my two boys happy and proud, for it is for them that I pay tribute to once more. We as chefs continue to search endlessly for that sensation of perfection and satisfaction, in each dish and meal that we serve...we want it, we feel it, crave it, need it...dead or alive!
warm rabbit salad(alternative pairing with matsutake mushrooms)

seared foie gras, savory pumpkin sponge, hazelnuts, huckleberry pickled apples
huckleberry pearls, apple jam, black pepper-calvados-olive oil caramel

pumpkin-truffle agnolotti, white alba truffles, skate wing, pancetta
butternut, truffle-scallop nage

fennel crusted swordfish, lobster mushrooms, smoked cous cous
celery root, golden char roe, sherry-shallot confit

spice crusted duck breast~douglas fir grilled as it gets smoked

fir grilled duck, kale, baby turnips, cassis mustard seeds, black currant sauce

duck accompaniments~chanterelles, black truffles, duck tongues


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