Binge and Purge...

Sometimes it is all about just cooking and getting the led out. Fueling your fire to create and to please. Just cooking from your heart for your friends and family, the masses and the special diners alike. It doesn't always mean it is your best work. Hell, I rarely think mine is my best. It will probably never be that for me. Every now and again, I will cook a dish and say wow, that fuckin' rocks...and then right after it will be like...this sucks. In the heat of the moment, I take photos of the work and think one way or another about it, then later when reviewing the shots, it can be a let down, in that sure they were tasty, the dishes were solid, and the guests seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, but sensually, spiritually, emotionally for me, it fell short, or at least that is the way it gets labeled in my head. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy much of my work and feel good about it. At times though, we are just cooking...doing what we know how to, doing what we do best. We are chefs and we are perfectionists. If we rested on our asses and thought we are so great and we do the best food or best service, then we have already lost. We have succumbed to accepting that we can not go further and thus we don't try for we are already great. A great leader will always keep thriving to forge ahead and get better. I hope I never rest, but push on reaching for greatness and perfection, knowing all too well I will never reach it in this lifetime. Here are some of those dishes...some good, some bad, some cool...but never perfect!
warm scallop salad, porcini mushrooms, duck tongues, arugula, pears
pecans, maple-bourbon vinaigrette

pan roasted foie gras, caramelized banana, spice powder, coconut emulsion
smoked vanilla-black pepper caramel

fennel pollen crusted sole, zucchini "carbonara", lobster mushrooms
baby tomatoes, chick peas, savory shrimp broth, herb oil

spice roasted duck breast, apples, walnuts, walnut powder
smoked cous cous, glazed carrots

syrah braised veal cheeks, silky parsnips, truffled baby turnips, cipolline onions
chanterelles, cassis essence


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