Farewell To Kings...

Or should I say...whole lotta' leavin' goin' on? Either way you translate things today, it rings true. We have seen a few go on to bigger, brighter pastures of late from our own kitchen...movin' onward and upward, or even backward as it were in some cases to take on new roles in search of new ideas with new peeps. Some have moved on to live new lives in new locales with new experiences. Some lately around town(reads Jason Franey of Canlis), are moving on to new gigs to create cool food in search of a dream...and some here and there have simply cashed in their chips to explore their new nirvana with the almighty above. Here are a few dishes that I offer up to them as a tribute to their time spent with us in the kitchen, the city, as friends and on this planet.
seared foie gras, apple jam, caramelized apples, bruleed bananas
curry dust, calvados-black pepper caramel

warm porcini salad, crisp potato gaufrette, duck tongues, potatoes
truffles, arugula, sherry dressing

pan roasted weakfish(spotted trout)
sweet corn, roasted lobster mushrooms, leeks, bacon
maple-bourbon vinegar sauce

braised veal cheek and venison loin
baby turnips, kale, roasted cauliflower, king trumpet mushrooms

duck breast sous vide, chanterelles, red wine cipolline onions
coffee roasted thumbelina carrots, parsnip puree, smoked cous cous, barolo jelly


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