Passion, Expression, Impression...

I always hope I never lose my passion for what I love. I don't think that is possible. When I cook for others, I always cook with passion. When I cook, I inevitably am gifting to those I am cooking for my expression of my thoughts...an expression of taste, of style, of artistry, or flavor, of a culture and so on. An expression is important to have identity, otherwise you are merely a speck of sand in a sea of shit, wandering aimlessly looking identical to everyone else. Why? What's the point? One needs identity and the ability to express as an artist and chef. It is vital to the success. Lastly, I always hope I leave a long lasting wonderful impression for our guests. Leaving one with that feeling of excitement, love, amazement, memories of past and childhood, euphoria, sex, astonishment, overwhelming goodness and crazy great vibe is something that not many things in life can accomplish. Cooking from the soul and the heart is one of them. It is personal, giving, wonderful and special. This sequence of transformation is what takes place in my world of food...or so I trust...
diver scallop tartare, nectarplums, tomatocello pearls, togarashi
sriracha aioli, citrus-nigella vinaigrette, micro arugula

seared foie gras, smoked vanilla, maple, walnut, pear
port gastric

grilled hawaiian opah, bergamot poached shigoku oyster sous vide
radish-heart of palm-pineapple salad, foie gras sauce
crispy pork trotter-black rice-macadamia nut pancake

pluot intermezzo
gold pluot-lime confit, ice wine granite, frozen fennel yogurt
grains of paradise

gingerbread venison loin, corn-chanterelle "risotto"
pine bud sweetbreads, hazelnuts, roasted golden beets
gingerbread dust, bittersweet chocolate essence

syrah beef short ribs, smoked cous cous, golden raisins, squab
caramelized cauliflower, zucchini carbonara
banyuls sauce


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