Looks That Kill...

A tribute to one kick ass song by my all time fav metal band...the crue. Our culinary crue kicked ass on yet another taste of umami for a special couple. Umami has become something that I have been searching to interject in our cooking to help build that sense of excitement, taste, flavor euphoria that becomes so ever present in umami laden ingredients. Other than these couple dinners we have done of late, I am not trying to narrow my cooking with full on umami mind you, just include it in the many different tastes and textures and flavors of ingredients that we do utilize for our guests in search of perhaps a new experience for them and us. Some of these combinations are similar to the ultimate taste of umami posted last month as they were simply too amazing to pass up. Enjoy it for what it's worth...

peach-nectarplum tartare, raw shigoku oyster, sturgeon caviar, cilantro, mint
togarashi, lemonade-bourbon vinegar dressing, tomato veil

heart of purple Cherokee tomato, baby sun gold, butter poached lobster
gazpacho, tomato water, tomato-nigella vinaigrette, tomatocello pearls

crispy buttermilk fried duck tongues, saba aioli, black pepper, sherry reduction

sweet corn-truffle "risotto", roasted chanterelles, banyuls glazed veal sweetbreads
truffle crème fraiche, parmesan wafer
umami marinated pork belly, seared scallop, fermented black garlic, lobster mushrooms
soy-mirin glazed thumbelina carrots, spicy pork belly dashi broth


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