Long Day Gone...

As a sequel to all night thing... where did the day go? And so it is written...we continue on as the day turns to night. Long day gone...but not forgotten.
oyster, nectarplum, sturgeon caviar, tomato, yuzu, sriracha

seared foie, smoked vanilla, pear-walnut relish, walnut powder
ras el hanout, tawny port sauce, maple gel

grilled hawaiian opah, crispy pork belly, caramelized pineapple, black rice
heart of palm, coconut emulsion

sous vide venison loin, chanterelles, corn, veal cheeks, peppered nectarines
baby turnips, tayberry essence

glazed beef short rib, white beans, zucchini carbonara, mugolio drizzle

olive oil cake, raspberries, white chocolate-lavender ribbon, peach sorbet
apple terrine, currants, mascarpone, apple jam, porcini caramel, parmesan ice cream
chocolate-peanut butter bar, bananas, banana ice cream
beggars pouch- apricot, almond, conserve, noyaux ice cream

slow braised beef short ribs, smoked barley, zucchini, pancetta, tomatoes,
balsamic-foie gras sauce

grilled venison loin sous vide, corn-veal cheek risotto, chanterelles
cassis pearl onions, shallot roasted turnips, tayberry-banyuls sauce


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