All Night Thing...

It seems that for several weeks now, the days and nights have just blended continuously without regret or remorse and without break to reflect on what has happened. The abundance of the ever-popular chefs tables have definitely kept the ball rolling. Where did the summer go? Albeit, it has been a great summer. I miss it already. However, that said...I look forward to fall. The nights lately have been late with the cooking moving ahead and the ideas flowing into the wee hours of the early morn. I always seek things for inspiration that keep me going...it is that thought of something wonderful that one could create. I have always been a night person and staying up until birds are awaking is no strange concept. Here is what has transpired since my last set of dishes. It's an all night thing.
scrambled eggs, scallops, truffles, crème fraiche, crispy potato

shigoku oyster, nectarplum-peach salad, sturgeon caviar, yuzu, sriracha
tomato water gelee, tomato-nigella dressing
(revisited dish)

corn-lobster "risotto", chanterelles, garden beans, house cured lomo
rainbow chard, chive oil

slow braised beef short ribs, king trumpet mushroom, quinoa, fava beans
banyuls-maple-foie gras sauce

nectarplum-lobster salad, cilantro, golden caviar, togarashi, arugula
citrus vinaigrette, lemon-herb veil

smoked vanilla basted foie gras, apple jam, pecans, pecan-ras el hanout powder
sauternes-late harvest gelee, maple-madeira gastric

spice grilled cervena venison loin, chanterelles, smoked barley, golden raisins
cassis pearl onions, coffee roasted carrots, chanterelle puree, huckleberry essence


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