Fall To Pieces...

If I have said it once, I have said it hundreds...Fall is my favorite time to cook. The transition of summer to fall probably more specific as we are still in the thralls of the dwindling wonderful summer produce and entering into the venture of something more hearty and substantial...sublime and amazing!. The dishes of late have been all about this transition. There are many transitions throughout the year and in life. This time of year demands a change in focus, direction, perspective and thought as things get busier for the business. It is a change that we all mentally gear up for here in the kitchen. As I look forward, I cook from my heart and here is what is unraveling as I type. It will surely pave the way for the heartier fare that follows...
pacific shigoku oyster, peaches, radishes, tomato gelee, micro mustard mix
sriracha, lemon pearls

grilled atlantic bluefish, nectarplums, fennel, sun gold tomatoes, mint
tomato-nigella vinaigrette

spice crusted venison loin, spice cake potatoes, coffee roasted carrots
ground cherries, valrhona sauce

slow braised veal cheeks, zucchini "carbonara", caramelized garlic, chanterelles
pine bud glazed sweetbreads, chard, fennel mustard caisson, walnut powder

shigoku oyster salad, nectarplums, yuzu, sriracha, micro greens, tomatoes, sturgeon caviar
smokey jal hot sauce

grilled alaskan sockeye salmon, chanterelles, corn-truffle "risotto"
caramelized cauliflower, arugula, jus de poisson

taste of fall...
apples, currants, cider, cinnamon marshmallow
milk chocolate, hazelnuts, pears
indian summer strawberries, walnuts, smoked wood ice cream


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