State of Mind...

As the mission statement reads on the header to this blog...a state of mind, a passion, an addiction, an abusive drive, an emotion, an inspiration and so on. In this case, it reads more a like state of love and trust. The state of love I am in with the woman I fell madly for and who started this dinner in motion... and the state of trust I have that things will work out for the best and the way they should be...whatever that is in his eyes. I only know how much she means to me and that I hope we will be once more...so, thank you for bringing this together m. This was a dinner celebrating 29 years of marriage for three different couples, and two of the couples within about a week of each other. Crazy to think! I only hope that I too someday can celebrate that amazing and wonderful milestone with that special person in my life. This was a combination and gathering of tastes that were inspired by the thought of cooking for a soul mate, which I believe that was who these folks were to each significant other. Here is how it played out...

lobster, cantaloupe, avocado, american sturgeon caviar
lobster-vanilla dressing, champagne-yuzu-elderflower sabayon with chives

togarashi seared local albacore tuna, pickled green nectarines, basil, honshimejii,
watermelon radishes, daikon, srirachi aioli, micro greens, soy-peach vinaigrette

pan seared local foie gras s'mores, peppered apricots, cinnamon marshmallow,
smoked valrhona chocolate, graham cracker crumble, fig jam, natural nectar

herb crusted atlantic fluke, sungold tomatoes, bacon mashed potatoes
corn, lobster mushrooms, carrot ravioli, arugula and green harissa

peppered berries, balsamic gelee, fennel sous vide, frozen olive oil
lemon verbena-fennel pollen lemonade soda

apricot & pistachio crusted loin of lamb, truffled baby zucchini, chanterelles
caramelized heirloom garlic, polenta gratin, pine bud essence, tayberry sauce

lemon verbena pot de crème, plums, plum sorbet, langue du chat
strawberry-rhubarb pastry, apricot noyaux ice cream, strawberry coulis
lavender-white chocolate ribbon, peaches, caramel tuile, raspberry sorbet
chocolate silk, chocolate brioche, cherries, smoked wood ice cream
salted caramels, valrhona dove stix, cherry jellies,
thyme-lemon macarons, blood orange olive oil chocolates


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