Love Me Some...

anything and everything au chocolat...those that know me, know that chocolate is my favorite food, and specifically, dark, bittersweet chocolate. Valrhona, to be exact, but I also love me some Scharffenberger, Pralus and Claudio Corallo as well. I can not get enough of it at times. And like those other addictions in my life~ both new and old...I indulge in proper fashion. That's my Leo behavior. When I go out to dine, I will most always order the chocolate dessert, even if I am too full and/or not hungry enough to eat it. I just want to see it...smell it...touch it...taste it! At the end of a uber cool, awesome intimate dining experience, the chocolate sets the tone...it is the climax to a special meal...it is nirvana. Here is a chocolate dish that came to be at the end of such an experience...one that I was cooking, rather than eating...at least I was able to taste it at the end...like sex on a plate!

coffee-chocolate cremeux, chocolate sablee, chocolate paint, pears, coffee soil,
chocolate-malt crumble, caramel, cinnamon-coffee buenelos, smoked wood ice cream
espresso anglaise and emulsion


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