When Hope & Promise Fades...

...there will still be the food and the cooking...won't here? I pray I never lose the passion and the drive for it, for it is what I love to do. It is what enables me to pass the time and ease the pain as well. Food will forever be a part of me...from the early childhood years of eating, cooking and learning from my mother, to the early cooking school days to the professional formative years during decadence, addiction and abuse... to the focused, intent and serious hell-bent-for-leather badass I became to the mature(go ahead...laugh) mentoring and passionate chef that I am today, or at least forever hope to be...I hope I can always make a difference to those that I cook with, those that I cook for and those that are close to me! Food is who I am. I hope and pray I can always share my special gift with those who care. Here are but a few dishes that were shared with some good guests...good times!
local asparagus and morel salad, rabbit loin, pistachio dust, goat cheese
chervil, pistachio pesto, maple-sherry vinaigrette

carrot-mascarpone ravioli, crab legs, soft shell crab essence, peas, pea vines

herb seared atlantic fluke, radishes, celery, lemon, heart of palm
fennel-citrus salad, pea jus dressing

rhubarb salad, rhubarb foam, peppered raspberry, hibiscus gel, frozen yogurt lollipop

sous vide painted hills beef loin, garlic-parsley crust, fava bean tapenade
roasted porcini, polenta, garlic scapes, pearl onions, red wine jus

a savory concoction...
braised short rib, truffles, truffle potatoes, spice roasted carrots
carrot creamed nettles, coral mushrooms, elderberry sauce

silky foie gras terrine, poached rhubarb, rhubarb pearls, pecans, apricot conserve
cacao nibs,  12 year balsamic condiment, crispy potato
syrah braised veal cheek, porcini, fava bean tapenade, carrot ravioli
truffled nettles, garlic scapes, sherry reduction


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