Feels Sumptn' Like Summertime...

Warmth...vibrancy...inviting...sensual...alive...these are but a few descriptors that one could potentially conjure up in their mind about the flavors, tastes and ingredients of summer. I can think of a few more, but perhaps best to leave those in my thoughts as they might be perceived as a little risqué..., probably because they are. Cooking in the summer is definitely an amazing time of year to explore the world of tastes and flavors. I do love it. It is a fraction of hair right behind fall for me, but if hard pressed and persuaded, I might give in. Summer is in full force here in the Northwest, and yet we still have yet to see some of the great ingredients...in time, my friends, in time. Until then, we will cook and explore the journey that lie ahead with what we have at hand, albeit, fresh from the farmer himself. As a cook, you get by with what you have and make it stellar. Start with the best and let it shine and you end up with greatness. Start with shit and you end up with shit. Plain as that. Here are a handful of dishes that were inspired by summer, tasty fresh ingredients, good peeps on our team of cuisiniers, fun, friendly guests and the thought of cooking for special people. Giving of oneself is one of the best gifts god can give you and that you can give to others. I have always tried to do that. Mom would be proud of at least that. More to follow as we cook our way through the season...until then.
watermelon-peach terrine, peach pearls, watermelon parisienne, dungeness crab
frozen fennel yogurt, sriracha aioli, chive blossoms, micro arugula, crispy potato
bergamot dressing

hibiscus & togarashi crusted local albacore tuna, baby tomatoes, arugula
spicy clam salad, peaches, gazpacho vinaigrette, lemon balm

seared foie gras "crisp", peppered cherries, apricots
toasted brioche, almond-cacao nib crumble, natural jus

brined & smoked halibut, corn, house bacon, pickled shallots
crab-pea hummus stuffed squash blossoms, spanish olive oil, nasturtium sauce

apricot tartare, grains of paradise, plum sorbet, catmint flowers
frozen olive oil, apricot water boisson, whipped tayberry

slow braised veal cheek, carrot ravioli, morels, truffles, garlic scapes
glazed thumbelina carrots, fennel mustard jus, crispy potato angel hair

rustic platter of sous vide lamb rubbed with vadouvan curry, spiced duck breast
charred rosemary aioli, fava beans, roasted cauliflower, porcini mushrooms
crisp salsify, pine bud-argan oil drizzle


carrot -walnut cake, grated macadamia nuts, mascarpone mousse
lemon posset, apricot, cherry pearls, rainier cherries, rhubarb sorbet
salted caramel ganache tart, chocolate feuillatine, plums
smoked wood ice cream-cornmeal cookie sandwich


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