One Sunny Day...

On any given day, food happens. Somewhere, sometime, somehow, someone for someone else is cooking. It reminds me of my sunny days. Those days are now in the shadows of a black hole sun, but they are not forgotten. Never will be. I have faith that someday, they will shine down upon one again. Cooking in the summer is very inspiring to say the least. The ingredients are all incredibly amazing. To have the luxury and good fortune of the bounty of the Northwest at your fingertips is nothing short of sublime. How does one become so lucky? I am blessed to have a craft that at least I can express my soul. If that were to fade away to black, I am not sure what I would do. Write maybe? When I cook, I think back to many different times in my life...many good, some bad, some sad, many happy. When you have spent 30  years doing something that you love to do, you cant help but go through many different emotions such as that. In the end, I know I made the right choice to do with my life what I did...to cook! On one sunny day...
seared foie gras s'mores...
smoked chocolate, apricot conserve, cacao nibs, graham cracker streusel
cinnamon marshmallow, honey drizzle

seared foie gras & duck breast terrine, peaches, peach gelee
duck salad, blueberry pickled baby turnips, saba, walnuts, arugula, peach vinaigrette

pan roasted sea scallop, garlic scapes, crispy pork belly, chanterelles
corn-nectarine relish, popcorn grits, chive blossoms, maple jus

smoked alaskan halibut, baby zucchini, english pea hummus, pea blossoms
chamomile emulsion, chamomile tea pearls
tomato-citrus-olive oil nage (not shown)

fennel pollen lemonade soda, herbal dressed strawberries, fennel
balsamic gel, frozen olive oil

syrah braised veal cheeks, farmer onions, smoked cous cous, fava beans
fava bean tapenade, pecans, truffles, tayberry essence

spice crusted american bison, coffee roasted carrots, king trumpet pancake
spice foam, pine bud drizzle, elderberry sauce

asian marinated alaskan halibut, pickled green nectarines, cilantro
watermelon radishes, honshimejii mushrooms, daikon sprouts
soy pearl-peach dressing

lavender-cardamom brushed duck breast, cherries, thumbelina carrots
garlic scapes, fava bean tapenade stuffed morels, tayberry essence


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