Simple But Tasty...

Rustic, simple and good. Sometimes it is nice and refreshing to decompress and just cook, and not get sucked into the realms of modernist, contemporary, high end food and cooking...yet just preparing a dish(es) for the sake of simple taste, flavor, and enjoyment. A different enjoyment mind you. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy cooking in an uber high end manner. It is what I have built most of my career on. It drives me. It pushes me. It stimulates my intellectual side, passion and challenging mindset. But, there are times when I just want to not think about it, like when at home, playing around in the kitchen putting things together to eat and for sustenance. These are a couple shots of dishes that were crafted for a simpler style of fare in a slightly more approachable atmosphere. Most any chef who cooks high end fine dining has a yearning for something simple. Here are but a few of mine. Enjoy...
36 hour brisket sandwich...slow low temperature roasted with goodness
cider brined, spice rubbed, slow roasted.
with corn relish, crispy spicy onion rings, wicked mojo ancho sauce, charred rosemary aioli
radish-citrus slaw

slow cooked grilled chicken breast, fennel puree, caramelized pearl onions
goat cheese polenta gratin, mushrooms, asparagus and poultry jus

pan roasted halibut, green garbanzo hummus, peas, radishes, lemon
fennel, raviolis(carrot here), carrot coulis

roasted beet salad, asian pears, aged bleu cheese, endive, greens
walnut vinaigrette and honeyed yogurt


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