Piece of Mind...

Yes, another journey of taste, flavor and expression. An inspiration. A state and piece of mind. It goes without saying that it is the reason this blog was started. To document, record, convey and leave behind, long after I'm gone, an addictive path of progression and philosophy for others to read, contemplate, ponder, question and ultimately use or toss away in an attempt to forward the craft of cooking and good life. I use this platform to get shit off my chest. To express and share. To provoke thought and inspire. To dedicate and pay tribute. To share my heart and art with the one I love. These photos are representing a piece of my mind from earlier this week...So take it as you may...use it as you see fit, or not at all...let it stir up the ideas in your own mind...let the ideas fly like Icarus~ fly as high as the sun!
chilled spring pea boisson, radishes, orange oil
sautéed rabbit loin-king trumpet mushroom skewer

shellfish salad, grapefruit, avocado, minted celery, peppered strawberries
rhubarb, watermelon, chervil, bergamot dressing

grilled new zealand sea bass, compressed cantaloupe, apples
yuzu pudding, fennel, micro arugula, togarashi, honeydew vinegar vinaigrette

braised veal cheek, smoked quinoa, fava beans, morels, garlic scapes
shallot-elderberry sauce

tasting chocolate...
salted caramel ganache tart, coffee-chocolate cremeux, chocolate soufflé cake
praline-chocolate flake ice cream linzer sandwich, pears, espresso, caramel

copper river salmon belly torched "crudo", beet paint, morels
asparagus, walnut powder, arugula, grated grilled walnuts, walnut vinaigrette

seared foie gras, cacao nib pancake, long pepper, cherries, lemon balm
pecans, macaron-nib-pecan crumble, cassis-banyuls gastric


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