Visions of Goodness...

I see the visions all the time, and I think about the good times I've had, the good others do in this world and the good that life has brought me. It goes without saying that I have seen the other side as well. As I cook for people though and see the smiles on their faces, it makes me smile and reminds me of something positive. I think about cooking I have done for my family and all the previous guests and how that brings happiness to me to be able to do that and be gifted to help to create memories for others...To cook for people is one of the best pleasures we have in life. I think about the inspiration it brings. Life can change on a dime and be taken away. There is sometimes not any warning and for no reason at all, so I encourage you to pay attention to what matters, do what your heart tells you and seek out the good in this world. Go after what you see to be good. Food and cooking is good. Good food = good memories = good life.
silky foie gras terrine, cacao nibs, apricot conserve, pickled green strawberries
rhubarb pearls, arugula, aged balsamic, walnut dressing

warm rabbit tart, savory garlic shortdough, morels, asparagus, chervil
chevre, pistachios, maple-sherry vinaigrette

carrot-mascarpone ravioli, truffled squab, sugar snap peas
pea vines, crab essence

ramp pesto brushed cod, grilled baby octopus, duck fat braised potatoes
preserved lemons, fennel, radishes, honshimejii, romesco dust

seared foie gras, rhubarb caviar, poached rhubarb, pine bud reduction
walnuts, walnut powder, micro greens, muscovado profiteroles

pan roasted rabbit loin, truffles, corn, morels, corn ravioli
truffled corn nage

olive oil poached cod, garbanzo stuffed zucchini blossoms, peas
pea vines, baby tomatoes, oranges, basil, spanish olive oil

chamomile blossom crème brulee, local strawberries, strawberry-lime sorbet
black cap raspberries, lemon verbena foam, spruce tip ice cream, evoo streusel
mark's raspberries, posset, rhubarb sorbet, citrus poppyseed sponge
chocolate cremeux, soufflé cake, tayberries, smoked cherry wood ice cream


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