Inertia of Chaos 6.07.14...

Enter another chapter in the never ending story and saga of the drive, momentum, propellant, fuel, fire, energy and progressive movement forward that is the lifeblood of the business and passion in the kitchen...at least this one...it is my inertia of chaos. Controlled chaos mind you. It is also the alter ego of my heavy metal band name, but that is another story...a dream actually! These are simply some random shots of the moment during the dinner...not a ton, since during the heat, I couldn't take the time to shoot cool shots...needed a photographer...shoulda, woulda, coulda!

unwrapping the torchon of foie gras...mmm, can hardly wait!

ready to slice...

almost ready to plate...service starts in about an hour

cool ass fish knives...these are vintage pieces...old euro school!  These things were severely tarnished...
shined them like brand new!

my son...talk about a proud dad to watch his son do this in front of him

plating foie torchon

the makings of an awesome dessert

staging the mezzo...or the bouche revigorant as I call it

pastry team killing it..AGAIN!


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