Any Given Day...

On any given day, I am thinking about food and my career, my boys and the life I want to live and the person I want to live it with. The personal things are quite focused and stay the same in my head and heart, but the food forever changes. On any given day, the ideas come and go, change and morph into whatever they are meant to be and as they become. Some good, some weak, some tasty,  exciting and great, some lame and some I am totally unhappy with. Doesn't mean they are bad, just that I am my worst critic. At times, I feel as though I need to totally depart from whatever I am thinking. When cooking for those that are open to whatever, I tend to stray from the soul in search of new foundations. And then at times, I seek comfort in what I like and what is just simply tasty and goes well together. It is not uncommon for the menu and direction in a menu to change course mid-stream and take on a different mood and identity. It is how I roll. Here is what has played out recently. Take it for what it's worth. If it inspires, great. If not suitable for your tastes...no worries...many other fish in the sea.
grilled hawaiian opah, citrus braised heart of palm, bacon, basil
corn-pickled nectarine relish, micro greens, macadamia nuts, fennel-lemon vinaigrette
seared foie gras sandwich, apricots, fig jam, onions, brioche
grilled apricot salad, walnuts, walnut powder, chive blossoms
silky onion soubise soup

lavender & thyme honey lacquered duck breast, smoked cous cous
chanterelles, baby zucchini, polenta, fava beans, tayberry sauce

chilled duck salad, pickled nectarines, black pepper crème fraiche, arugula
rye, mustard ice cream, pickled shallots, crispy onion rings, sherry dressing

seared opah dashi, honshimejii, sriracha, daikon, watermelon radish, heirloom tomato
bacon, savory herbed dashi broth

grilled bluefish and sautéed sea robin, thumbelina carrots, silky popcorn grits
corn, chanterelles, nasturtium sauce

foie gras stuffed squab breast, crispy squab leg, cherries, purple cauliflower "sous cous"
walnuts, lobster mushrooms, cassis-syrah sauce

truffled lamb tartare, radish salad, baby sun gold tomatoes, purple beans
micro arugula, pickled watermelon radish, crispy potato, saba, truffle dressing

blueberry-panna cotta terrine, white chocolate-lavender ribbon, plum sorbet
s'mores, smoked wood ice cream, raspberries, caramel
fried pb&j, apricots, langue du chat, banana ice cream
minted fluke, silky lemon potatoes, sun gold tomatoes, peas
peas shoots, spicy clam-cured lemon salad, herb essence


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