20 To Go...

...but who's counting? This twenty-course (and then some) culinary "gastronomica" outlay was for a special foodie friend of mine who has inspired me in many ways along the years. To cook for him and his guests are totally driving, exhilarating, fun, invigorating and satisfying for the soul. It is times like this that remind me of those core reasons why I got into this business. The journey that lie ahead was based on and envisioned by the ingredients of the moment, the state of mind, the music I was rocking on the way in and his desire to create the style of menu from days gone by with a spicy edge...kick-ass hodge style! So, without further adieu...here you go...I am thankful for the opportunity to cook like this. Hope you enjoy the porn.
crispy spiced duck tongues, saba aioli, sherry-maple drizzle

heirloom tomato gazpacho, spanish dauro olive oil, peach
spicy clams, cured lemons, romesco streusel

maine lobster, cantaloupe, avocado, sturgeon caviar, champagne-yuzu-elderflower sabayon

"cold cuts"...
slow cooked duck breast, crispy hot onions rings, pickled shallots
compressed nectarines, toasted marbled rye, peppered crème fraiche

hawaiian opah tartare sandwich, brioche, celery root remoulade, togarashi
purple bean salad nicoise, sun gold tomatoes, olives, artichoke tapenade, fennel, arugula

grilled atlantic bluefish, heirloom tomato pave, gold shiro plum
celery, grilled marcona almonds, chive blossoms, sherry XO sauce

scallop dashi, popcorn grits, bacon, honshimejii, sriracha aioli, chard
pea tendrils, aleppo pepper, SMOKEY JAL hot sauce,  micro intensity,
pork belly-citrus-chili dashi broth

pouring dashi...mmmmmm

seared foie gras crisp, apricots, muscovado crumble, tayberries, cacao nibs
natural nectar

chamomile milk jelly, blackberries, blackberry & peach pearls
grated sweet almonds, fleur de sel

squab liver flan, crispy squab wings, king trumpet mushrooms, radish sprouts
pickled watermelon radish veil, peaches, soy-rice vinegar-plum vinaigrette
(one of my tributes this week to Charlie Trotter)

tomato fondue stuffed squash blossom, basil, baby purple tomatoes,
oranges, rock hill ranch olive oil, crispy shallots

carrot ravioli, truffles, thumbelina carrots, carrot butter, snap peas, pea vines

alaskan halibut sous vide, truffle mousseline, chanterelles, corn, nasturtium sauce
sautéed sea robin, zucchini ribbon, black garlic, caramelized heirloom garlic
tomato jus de poisson

local peppered blueberry-yogurt terrine, fennel, olive oil, lemon verbena lemonade soda

foie gras stuffed squab, roasted cherries, walnuts, walnut potatoes
walnut powder, roasted squab hearts, cassis-syrah gastric

slow merlot braised beef short ribs, lobster mushrooms, purple cauliflower
wilted spinach, black huckleberry-peppercorn sauce

silky lemon-vanilla posset, figs, strawberries, plums, pistachios, caramel wafer
strawberry-lime sorbet, plum sorbet, white chocolate-lavender ribbon

pb&j "croustillant"
fried peanut butter-apricot-truffle conserve sandwich, honeyed eggwash, brioche
honey bunches of oats-cacao nibs breading, apricot salad, banana ice cream
(inspired from a scene in Spanglish)

fresh graham cracker, smoked scharffenberger chocolate, cinnamon marshmallow
graham streusel, caramel, raspberries, smoked cherrywood ice cream

salted vanilla caramels, lemon balm-lemon macarons, apple mint dove stix
tayberry pates de fruits, peppered fig vodka


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