Tribute to my Inspiration...

At different times throughout my cooking, from day to day, from moment to moment, I dig deeper and grab what is burning inside me. It is driven by dedication, passion, motivation, commitment and inspiration. Dedication to the craft, my team and myself. Passionate about the food, the results possible and the diners who are about to consume the dishes. Motivated to set the bar high, to teach a team member something new, to teach myself. Committed to being the best I can be, to giving the guest the highest quality they can expect to achieve anywhere, and to my own search of excellence. Inspired by the moment, the ingredients before me, the guest(s) who are coming, the music I am listening to in my head and all that is around me...
crudo of kona kampachi, pickled beets, verjus compressed apples, cara cara oranges
yuzu pudding, micro arugula, watermelon radish-heart of palm-celery leaf salad
lemon sherry-delicate squash seed oil-soy pearl dressing

seared foie gras, walnut-black pepper honeycomb, walnuts, walnut powder
blood orange-parsley salad, shallot-walnut-cacao nib French toast, citrus-px dressing

sesame & ginger frog legs, garlic, honshimejii mushrooms, crispy carrots
black garlic potatoes

grilled new zealand sea bass, truffles, leek-brussels sprout composure, trumpets
butternut agnolotti, grilled pears, hot pine bud mayo, pine bud drizzle

hibiscus-jasmine soda, lime-mint confit, lime sorbet, coconut gel, grains of paradise

beef rib loin sous vide, prune-sherry puree, toasted & fried farro,
bloomsdale spinach with hazelnuts, caramelized salsify, leatherwood honey-charred cinnamon foam
banyuls-blueberry-dark chocolate essence

valrhona manjari mousse napoleon, walnut dacquoise, preserved cherries, cherry gel, smoked wood ice cream
coffee anglaise, granite and soil, brown butter pot de crème
praline-chocolate flake milkshake

meyer lemon pates de fruits, hazelnut macaron, salted caramel, fennel shortbread


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