Revelations of Taste...

To reveal what one is thinking can be profound, exciting and invigorating. It can be sad, hurtful, and painful too.  When one cooks, he or she reveals and discloses much to do about oneself. It is so personal, special and inviting and full of character. It is thoughtful, generous, heartfelt and a gesture of goodness. A distinction of amazing identity. Even love. I have experienced all of it, the good, the bad and the ugly. Sure there are times that when we as professionals cook and do what we do for the job... for business... and for profitability! However...it is often that we share of ourselves from deep within and give because that is what we do and even who we are. Here lies before you a revelation of culinary philosophy, taste and flavor for some pretty cool folks celebrating two special birthdays, who truly love good food. I can only hope that I am always able to share my creations with those who appreciate it as much as I do. I look forward to my next revelation with that in which I cook and for whom I cook for. Until then...
maine lobster, grapefruit, avocado, american sturgeon caviar, yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon

seared scallops, gold and red beets sous vide, cured ham, cured lemons, maple gel
beet chips, arugula, pimenton crumbs, squid ink vinaigrette

silky onion soup, apples, soy pearls, lobster foam
sesame and ginger glazed frog legs, radishes, compressed apples, vadouvan, mushroom powder

close up of sesame & ginger frog leg salad

seared foie gras, lemon pudding, honey bunches of oats, fig mostarda
walnuts, walnut powder, cacao nibs, cured blood oranges

grilled columbia river sturgeon, celery leaf-celery salad, celery root remoulade
currants, almond & hazelnut romesco, nasturtium coulis

rabbit confit, truffles, thyme, honshimejii, truffle custard, crispy potatoes

tangelo-fennel salad, tangelo sorbet, grains of paradise, tangelo-hibiscus soda

ras el hanout crusted duck breast, white bean puree, cranberry pudding, brown butter crumble
hedgehog mushrooms, honey roasted cipolline onions, banyuls sauce

brown butter pot de creme, cherries, praline-chocolate chip ice cream
salted caramel-chocolate tart, pear chutney, smoked wood ice cream

the menu of the moment...


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