Quest For Fire...part 2

hangin out with some of the locals

And so it continues...the ever changing chapter of my life...the need to take hold of the flame...the search for flavor, taste, perfection. The primitive quest for fire! Fire is a way of cooking that some will never have the opportunity to explore in a professional sense. I am so fortunate and lucky to have at my disposal and to be honored to include in my arsenal; a fireplace that allows for ample room to present my craft. Enter the grand fireplace. This limited and candid shot explores a Memphis rubbed free range local chicken... slow roasted, basted with fat, spice crusted, slow nurtured and seasoned to a mouth watering goodness for a wedding reception last week. As our new team member and I hovered over the hanging birds, we contemplated and discussed technique, style, refinement, methodry and tools necessary to explore further. Looking forward to where the great time and conversation will lead us.


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