A Bright Light...

When I feel myself get down about life or feel like I am not fulfilling my potential, I seek refuge in my work, my boys and my heart. My inner light. On any given day or night, I can be cooking passionately, digging deep within my soul searching for that special spark and touch in which to place respectfully and wholeheartedly on the plate for the guests to enjoy. I want to make a god damn difference in my time here, for if I don't, it will be all a waste. If I am able to function and breathe, then I want to exude my inspiration for others. I am only too fortunate that I am
 constantly uplifted in spirits and in my vision when I think of how lucky I am as a person. This way of thinking has helped me through tough times and helped me see the future with hope and clarity. This is what became of that search...

poached shigoku oysters, radish, fennel, sturgeon caviar
peppercress, rhubarb gelee, rhubarb-meyer lemon vinaigrette
honey bunches of oats crusted foie gras, cherries, shallots, anise hyssop
apricot-cognac jelly, cacao nibs pancake
hazelnut crusted soft shell crab, crispy duck tongues, cuttlefish salad
fava tapenade, tomato sofrito
rabbit three ways...
crispy trotter, pears, pistachio, saba
braised leg, lentils, salsify, tripe, morels
roasted saddle, porcini, chick pea, truffle potatoes, huckleberry

american wagyu, baby turnips, celery root puree, beets
brussel sprout-walnut hash, black garlic paint, cipolline onions
asparagus salad, pea jus, pea blossoms, white & green asparagus, shiitake chips
white asparagus gelato, morels,duck tongues

seared foie gras, cocoa-pecan pancake, honey gelee, cherries, grains of paradise
banyuls-cherry vinaigrette
roasted monkfish, cuttlefish, peach-chorizo-tomato sofrito
green garbanzo beans, smoked olive oil, mustard blooms
pickled nectarines, micro celery, fennel, corn tea
roasted rabbit saddle, braised leg-lentil ragout, truffles
porcini, zucchini puree, carrots, green apple mustard sauce


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