High on the Hog...

a few up close and personal shots on one said chef's birthday festivities...playing with pigs. A birthday pig if you will. What a treat and a wonderful present to my team and to myself. Showing a bit of butchery. What is to become of it all one might ask...lots of salumi, sausages, roasts, head cheese, terrine en gelee, braised trotters for pigs feet sauce, cured guanciale, culatello, braised belly, pancetta, bacon, sous vide knuckles for sliders, slow boiled tongue for soup, coppa, ribs...and many more.
a slice of heaven...hog heaven!

breaking down the head...removing the cheeks and brain

removing the tenderloin

brain and kidneys

separating the leg for roasts and culatello...

the chef and his birthday pig!

taking off the ribs for braising and exposing the belly, loin, shoulder for coppa and everything else that is great!

removing the rib and vertebrae chine plates to obtain the loin

when all is said and done...


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