More Summer Inspirations...

A handful more of summer inspired shots. I am always excited over the flavors and combinations that transpire from that summer moment. Straight out of the garden, the water or the fields. Good times.

halibut crudo "two ways"
sesame-herb tartare taco in nasturtium & torched sashimi tranche
grilled nectarine, heirloom tomatoes, cucumber-fennel salad, katz olive oil
dungeness crab salad, watermelon, radishes, arugula, frozen avocado
spicy crab stuffed heart of palm, peach-tomatocello vinaigrette

pan roasted striped sea bass, honshimejii mushrooms, truffled pea risotto
corn, bacon, jus de poisson, shaved truffles

compressed plums, rhubarb-pepper jelly, frozen fennel pollen yogurt

snake river farms wagyu culotte, chanterelles, vadouvan carrots, baby turnips
hazelnut-pear composure, chocolate soil, cassis-peppercorn sauce

american bison loin, black garlic, panisse, green garbanzo beans, cherries
roasted onions, huckleberry reduction


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