Inspiration of Another Art...

An amazing display of artistry through another means of materials and a platform in which to present them. A vision as seen through the eyes, or eye as it is of the craftsman. Enter Dale Chihuly. Master glassblower, designer, painter and thinker in the art of another medium and realm. As my youngest son and I journeyed through the abyss of the theatre, I became inspired and immersed in the images of food I saw in my mind. Here as they are, enjoyed by thousands.
summer garlic scapes, bulbs and shoots

roasted walla walla onion shells

collage of summer fruits just picked from the farm

platter of pristine seafood "au naturel"

symphony of dessert spherification "le circque"

various tartares, crudos and sashimi of local fish

cotton candy coated jalapeno

tomato and bacon carbonara

fusion of flavors juxtaposed

orange-chocolate pastry tuile

fall harvest of forest mushrooms and autumn nasturtium leaves

pomegranate pipettes

lavender jungle

rock candy...hard, sweet and sticky!


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