On Any Given Day...

tasting of local beets...
roasted red, sous vide gold, beet paint and granite, cuttlefish, candied walnuts
walnut powder, celery leaves, viognier dressing

warm rabbit loin salad, figs, arugula, honshimejii mushrooms
mostarda, green apple mustard vinaigrette

seared foie gras, white donut peach brulee, spiced duck breast, hazelnuts
roasted cherries, cacao nibs, crispy duck tongues, nasturtium leaves

grilled wild striped sea bass, black garlic, green zebra tomato, fava bean-olive tapenade
lobster mushrooms, nectarine-tomato stuffed squash blossom, poultry jus

summer melon, elderflower compressed cucumber, cucumber sorbet, borage blossom

american bison loin, eggplant caviar, caramelized heirloom garlic, crisp potatoes
honey glazed cipolline onions, smoked olive oil
missing in action...
slow braised beef short rib, lentils, truffles, artichokes, baby turnips
One can expect to find a collection of ideas, ingredients, concoctions and dishes, all harmoniously composed for one to consume and enjoy while dining with us here. There really is no limit to what is obtainable, only the need for time, desire and wallet. Our cooks are at the ready...our service team at attention and me at the helm with much anticipation, commitment and passion in which to release the demons from within. I am not speaking freakin crazy and stupid, but more-so calculated, imagined, created and crafted from whims brewed earlier that day. I don't like to think about it earlier than a few hours ahead though. Sometimes, I will give our cooks a bit of heads up, but I like to keep them on edge. Someday, they might even come to appreciate that...hopefully! They rock! They really are great. Best kitchen ever. The summer season here in Seattle has been very good to us and is creating for a very wonderful palette and toy box to paint from and play with. It is crazy that with all the things going on in my life that things actually come to fruition as they do, and sometimes even better than I had anticipated or dreamed of. The dishes can take a life form of their own right in front of me. Cool shit. Here is a gathering of last week's collection...good thing I have a plethora of  inspiration...


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