Let Them Eat Cake...

a collage...a production...a juxtaposed arrangement...a sinful montage. Two very cool cats who got hitched last weekend asked that we engage in the making of the celebration cake as well as the sheet cakes for the big special day. Not sure where we were going with it or a starting point other than chocolate, and lot's of it. I was given a digital image of the Geary designed museum in Spain...here we go I thought. I'm not a master cake builder, but have done a few and here is what I designed. Our pastry girls kicked butt on this one. The guests were stoked and enjoyed it immensely. Outlined below are the flavors and multiple layers of the decadence that was indulged in that night.

dark chocolate sponge & flourless chocolate sponge
hazelnut meringue, chocolate nut crunch bar
dark chocolate ganache, gianduja mousse
huckleberry gelee, toffee, mascarpone mousse
brown butter powder, dark sugar streusel, chocolate pearls
hazelnut macaron, truffle apricot conserve, earl grey truffles


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