Feels Like Summertime...

The summer fun, amazing ingredients and good times have sure hit us here in the Northwest. As a general rule, we tend to be on the waiting list for the wonderful foodstuffs from the farms compared to the rest of the country, but well worth the wait. I love it here. It is my home. It is where I belong. Where I have developed my whole love of cooking. It is the place that I have sank my teeth and my roots into to hopefully leave a small mark for the future within my legacy. Summer is an amazing time for cooking...it is lighter, more vibrant, uber-fresh, local and wonderful. It exudes flavor and the farms and of the moment. Sure, other seasons do that too, but not to this magnitude. Here are but a handful of concoctions that were crafted as of late for a few fine folk...
truffled scrambled eggs, chervil creme fraiche, crispy potato

heirloom tomato-peach salad, sturgeon caviar, frozen avocado, basil
lobster-viognier vinaigrette

seared diver scallop, foie gras, corn. roasted cherries, rhubarb gel
cocoa-hazelnut soil, saba dressing

dungeness crab tagliatelle pasta, fava beans, pancetta, lobster essence

steamed alaskan halibut, tomato-nectarine stuffed squash blossom,
scallop-togarashi-sesame "taco" in nasturtium, meyer lemon potatoes

apricot-fennel salad, frozen fennel pollen yogurt, apricot soda

snake river farms wagyu culotte, chanterelles, baby turnips, black garlic
green chick pea-almond-olive tapenade, chick pea fries, blackcap sauce

peach & tapioca charlotte, almond frangipane, plums, raspberries, nectarines
nectarine sorbet, lemon verbena ice cream, almond macaron crumble


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