Appetite for Obsession...

Obsession can be powerful, breathtaking, overwhelming, intimidating, intoxicating, arousing, sensual, abusive, addictive and simply compulsive. In any or all of the descriptors, if used properly and wisely, it can fuel your fire and passion for perfection of your craft. Used poorly and without respect and restraint, it can be harmful, damaging and devastating to ones career, relationships and life. I try to keep it in check with the positive things in my life to fuel my craft, my art and my cooking. I haven't always won that battle. Another story, another time, another day. On the brighter side though, here is a glimpse of the food that stems from it all...
grilled Louisiana shrimp salad, smoked cantaloupe, heirloom tomatoes, basil
smoked olive oil powder, lemon verbena yogurt, tomatocello-viognier gelee

seared pleasant view farms foie gras, elderberry gastric, pluot relish
grains of paradise, lime, banana cake, pecan salt

grilled diver scallop, seared rabbit loin, corn, rabbit-chanterelle salad
creamy potatoes, truffled pigs feet sauce

spice crusted moularde duck, popcorn "grits", peppered nectarines, blackberries,
caramelized heirloom garlic, walnuts, beets, lobster mushroom hushpuppies
blackberry-syrah sauce

warm rabbit salad, figs, chanterelles, arugula, mustard seeds, green apple mustard dressing
seared foie gras, yellow pluot-lime-jalapeno relish, banana toffee cake
elderberry essence

tasting of plums...
pickled red plum salad, shaved fennel, plum-ginger sorbet, plum-hibiscus soda

moularde duck breast- alternate plating

sous vide lamb tenderloin, lentils, potato puree, artichokes, baby turnips
green garbanzo bean-almond-olive tapenade, salsify


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