A Special Tribute...

So much of what I cook, write, say, do, feel, react to, and listen to in terms of music is a reflection of what is happening to me at any given time in my life. Some incredibly great...some good...some just so-so and in some cases...some very shitty! That is probably true and the case for most anyone. All do have and take their place in many forms and fashions. Last night, I had a great privilege to cook for some folks that are very special. This was at the chefs table for a special night for them. Cooking for them is always so wonderful. In doing so, I pulled out some very personal creations.
warm porcini crusted halibut & asparagus salad
morels, asparagus bread, white asparagus gelato, black garlic aioli, bourbon-maple vinaigrette

honey bunches of oats crusted foie gras
rhubarb puree, rhubarb-grains of paradise salad, muscovado gel, marcona almonds
30 yr balsamic condiment

pecan-smoked paprika-cornmeal crusted soft shell crab
soft, sexy grits, nettles, pepper-onion compote, cuttlefish "noodles"
carrot-vadouvan jus

grilled copper river sockeye salmon
quinoa, king trumpet mushrooms, peas, ramps, pea jus, radish-lemon salad

roasted beet salad intermezzo
beet sorbet, citrus, fennel pollen yogurt, banyuls vinegar, "pop rocks"

spice crusted duck breast & porcini mushrooms
green garbanzo bean-olive-truffle "tapenade", fava bean pancake, gold beets, kumquats
huckleberry-dark chocolate essence

licorice-syrah braised beef short rib sous vide
fennel, pears, celery root puree, lentils, cherry-black pepper sauce

strawberry-rhubarb-tapioca crisp, muscovado streusel, spruce tip ice cream
pineapple-coconut salad, kumquats, coconut sorbet, pineapple upside down cake
"banana bread pudding"...caramel, banana-chocolate, bananas, peanuts, brioche, cobbler topping
chocolate dove bar, vanilla-buttermilk beignets, chocolate chip-mint ice cream, chilled chocolate soup
I feel very blessed to be able to be a part of something so wonderful on either side of the coin. The dishes crafted and created are but an extension of my heart and soul. Whether burning with desire or bleeding with pain, it all comes out in the wash so-to-speak. I am only too fortunate to have had this privilege on this earth. Wondering what is next???


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