Dining Out LAX...part 4~ ink

you saw him on top chef...he has lots of tats...he kicked ass... "he cooked like his opponent on his days off"...he won~ enter Michael Voltaggio. Although I only had a couple nibbles and a few cool "mocktails", it is a keeper. Can't wait to go back. He was in the kitchen looking out over his domain with that ever noticeable frown and look of serious contemplation and evaluation. Maybe even discontent, I don't know. What I do know is that his team of cooks were putting out some cool food. The cold line and the bar especially. Cool frozen components from the liquid nitro bath to hand crafted cocktail counterparts by the cool bar chick. Fun, lively and energetic. Dining room servers seemed a bit full on themselves like their shit didn't stink, but oh well. It's LA right? What I did appreciate is that they stood by what they were serving and selling. "is this the mojito" said a guest who got up to interrogate the bartender with the mindset that this doesn't look anything like one..."you're damn right it doesn't" she said!
lollipop kale, lardo, crispy pig's ears, togarashi aioli

fresh & flash frozen, pea tendrils, surf clams, dungeness crab, almonds, pea blossoms


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