A Reflection of Oneself...

That "oneself" is me. A glimpse of myself through the vision of my sons. I see it daily, all-to-clearly, not only when I watch my oldest cooking, but in the actions and movements of both in everything that they do, say and react to. Some for the good, some not so much. It's all a part of life. What I have instilled in them and what I hope for them in the future, I pray that I have done some good with their upbringing. I can not take all the credit mind you, for their mother has had an equal hand in that. In the cooking side of things for me personally..it is an amazing sight to see your child, grow up to be a young adult and follow (if only somewhat) in your footsteps as you nurture, guide and coach them along, only to see them carry out the things you have asked with intent, pride and commitment. It makes you proud as a parent. In life, as I witness that same follow through, commitment and energy taking place in other tasks and duties with my youngest son as he works hard at being a good person, shows care in the work that he does, aims to please the people he works for and strives to be the best he can at whatever he does. He gives 150% effort each and every single time. Whether he is playing basketball or running track, sharing his heart through fellowship, working on some landscaping with me or whatever...i know he is giving it his all. With my oldest, I see much determination, ambition, strength, confidence and desire...mostly to play basketball professionally. I am proud of them both, more than I can even begin to expound upon. As I look into this mirror of life...with happiness and excitement I see myself, and at the same time, I see something far better and greater than that. A reflection of a dream. Every parent wants to see something better for their kids...I am no different, and although they may not follow in my footsteps as a chef, I know they will know how to cook, enjoy good food and enjoy life.


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