Beyond The Clouds...

Is your future clear or unclear? Can you see beyond the haziness in front of you at times?
Is your vision one of clarity and are you able to set your sights on the sun shining through the dark clouds? In life, there are many uncertainties and obstacles that can and will cloud your vision. Obstruction is a fact of life and nature. How we navigate through these hurdles and roadblocks determine our successes in our future. In the realm of cooking...this is every bit of a reality in the professional cuisiniers kitchen. Some of the things a chef is subjected to each day can be overwhelming and very frustrating...Did the cook or dishwasher show up today and even bother to call in to let you know? Did the ingredients arrive properly and was it even the correct amount and of proper stellar quality? Did the guest show up on time for the large banquet event while you have six more following it and getting ready to start? Did you get pulled into a meeting that you weren't planing on and wonder what the hell is happening in the kitchen? Is something happening in your personal life that is totally throwing you off kilter and causing stress while you know you have the utmost need to keep it all together? Did the cook not pay attention to what he or she was doing and torch the only freakin pork shoulder in the house? The list goes on and on. It doesn't stop. As a person, a chef, a leader...it is your job to deal with this shit, stuff it down deep, maneuver around it, anticipate it, adapt and manage the shortcomings, plan accordingly and develop a contingency to overcome the most stressful of situations. Make it work. Make it happen. Get it done. Turn a negative into a positive and be great at it. Sometimes it is hard to do and gets very frustrating and almost seemingly hopeless to some. Perseverance, positivity, hard work, foresight, desire, passion, determination, commitment, professionalism and strong will are all but a small handful of things that can and do help to get one through it. I know, because this has helped me constantly in many a situation that I have found myself buried in throughout my career. A fight till the death is sometimes what it takes. Not settling for less than the best. Failure is not and can not be an option. Set your sights high and keep looking forward. Look beyond the clouds, the rain, the haze, the fog, the darkness in life and only seek the glory, the beauty, the brightness, the sunlight of hope and success in life and your work. You will make it. You will succeed. You will win.


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