Whatever, Whoever, Whenever...

diver sea scallop ceviche, black radish-endive-ugli salad, avocado
american sturgeon caviar, yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon, lotus root chip
It boils down to just that while the team and I are cooking. Doesn't matter what I am cooking, and to what degree and whatever the ingredients are. Doesn't matter for whom I am cooking for. Kings and Presidents...rock stars...sports celebs, high profile business leaders or just simple folk like you and I. I always try to put my heart and soul into it. Make it special. Make it real. Make it memorable for them as well as for us in the kitchen, for if we aren't stoked, they won't be either! And, it doesn't matter when it is. Could be a Monday. Could be a holiday. Lunch, or at a time when I really would rather be out on the town with friends or colleagues. If I am cooking for my guests...I'm gonna make it what I can. As Het sings..."nothing else matters", granted a slightly different context and meaning of course. Just a couple shots here that helped make one's father's 70th a special and joyous memorable moment in time, for we really have so few. It was an honor to cook for them to say the least.
fennel pollen crusted alaskan halibut, spring pea pancake, black garlic puree
green garbanzo bean-asparagus-pea salad, meyer lemon olive oil powder, spring onion coulis
bacon-onion jam
spice crusted moularde duck breast, pecan-cacao nib waffle, king trumpet mushrooms
carrot creamed nettles, apple-lentil "salpicon", cassis-merlot-shallot essence


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