Dining Out PDX...

a recent trip to Portland and all of it's cozy, quaint, hip-yet-laid-back sleepiness brought forth some cool bites, tasty treats and very flavorful nibbles and noshes! My youngest and I ate around town stumbling upon coolness whilst my oldest; "system d" got his groove on at the Lakers vs Portland game. There was some newness to the scene that I had not been privy to as yet. A sense of refinement, a level of distinction and a realm of awesome food. I bit into that right away. What was going to start out as a bite at the local sports bar, ended up to be one of culinary stimulation for my lad and I. He tried almost everything and liked it. Way cool. Here is how she rolled...

sous vide egg, chick pea fries, radishes, hazelnut romesco, greens
sous vide octopus, nettle pesto, artichoke aioli, albarino jelly, artichokes
the pig at LARDO
cubano panini, smoked coppa, roasted pork shoulder, provolone, pickles
mustard, spicy salumi
the fun at voodoo doughnuts, and only had to wait in line 45 minutes this time!


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