Dining Out LAX...part 3~ Osteria Mozza

Mario Batali and crew know how to freakin do it. Cool. Hip. Tasty. Lively and Fun. Definitely crowded and a bit too packed for their own good(and mine). Servers were over taxed and a lot of crowded work spaces and bottlenecked intersections. Thinking that experts in the restaurateur realm would be a bit more polished as I witnessed crew continuously bumping into one another, stopping and going with irregular movements. Busy for sure, granted, but not smooth. A bit slow on the service due to the server dude having way too many tables dumped on him at once, but nonetheless, a great time. very fun sitting at the mozzarella and burrata bar! Could sit there for hours, and just snack. Next door at spacca and mozza to go were cool too, but no pics...sorry!
crispy pigs feet, apple-frisee salad, mustard, chives, sherry vinegar dressing

spicy mole salami panini, provolone, fresh batard bread, arugula

fresh burrata, hazelnuts, brown butter dressing, asparagus, pancetta

oxtail ragout, tagliatelle, calabrian peppers, pecorino

chilled squid ink "chitarra" pasta, dungeness crab, uni, chilis, sea urchin essence

warm bombolini, white chocolate cremeaux, mascarpone gelato, huckleberry conserva


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