New Tastes of Tradition...

A variety of dishes newly inspired by the season...the crue...the guests...the moment...the ingredients...the world. Alright...enough said. As spring rears it's beautiful head, we as cooks and chefs get seriously excited. That is typically putting it mildly. In the Northwest, we have a long dreary at times winter that tends to drag on for quite a while, or so it would seem. So by the time the words; ramps, asparagus, fiddehead ferns and spring garlic roll around, they are well embraced. Always quick to get on the road to madness of cooking with the fun fresh flavors of spring, here is parlay into the outtake.
maine lobster, ugli fruit, avocado, sturgeon caviar, yuzu-champagne-elderflower sabayon

seared sweetbreads, asparagus bread, white & green asparagus, green garbanzo
king trumpet mushrooms, hazelnuts, black garlic aioli

pan roasted black bass, pea pancake, crispy duck tongues, peas, ramps
braised radishes, spring onion nage

lamb loin sous vide, apricot mostarda, morels, nettles, fava beans
truffle-tripe-mushroom ragout, douglas fir jus

72 hour beef short rib, lentils, oxtails, pears, brussels, walnuts, huckleberry sauce

fennel pollen albacore, radishes, hearts of palm, compressed cucumber, black garlic aioli
olive vinaigrette, micro cress

grilled alaskan halibut, pea pancake, wild leeks, morels, fava ban tapenade
rhubarb coulis, carrot powder

spice crusted moularde duck breast, carrot creamed nettles, glazed baby carrots, lentils, tripe
caramelized brussel sprouts, maple blossoms, blackberry essence

meyer lemon confit, tarragon, white asparagus gelato


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