More Broken Bread...

a selection of hors d'oeuvre bites by the team and I...(from front to back)
savory foie gras gougeres, muscovado topping, gelee, pear butter
smoked duck breast, blood orange curd, tempura duck tongue, vadouvan butter
grilled potato-hedgehog mushroom-candied walnut-hazelnut goat cheese sandwiches
king salmon, satsuma-prosecco gelee, cara cara, gold caviar, orange evoo
wild mushroom-truffle "cappuccino", hazelnut biscotti
the hors d'oeuvre team in the private kitchen with Brian from Canlis...good times!
James Sherrill from Zoe and his duck course plating with Jason Franey and Canlis Cuisinier!
Jason Wilson from Crush and Blaine Wetzell from Willow's Inn nibbling on a bite...
Jason Franey's beef course with many layers of fermentation...
turnips, kimchee, grated cured beef hearts, yogurt
dark chocolate pave, apricot, marcona almonds, milk streusel, noyeaux ice cream
hazelnut-coffee macaron, mascarpone, candied bacon
the team in the Canlis kitchen after a great fundraising dinner...amazing and cool.
´╗┐some quick snap shots from the awesome fundraising dinner we all did for our friend
Matt Farrer!


Anonymous Mark said...

A little talent in that kitchen. LOl.

5:46:00 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

How are you guys allowed to use sous vide in Seattle? Tons of paerwork wi9th the health dept.?
Was hoping you might be at Gifts from the Earth on Saturday. Think about it for next year....

6:14:00 PM  
Blogger cuisinier said...

yes there was. dessert was made by Canlis team. Sorry...not sous vide. cooked slowly in water-poached.

6:18:00 PM  
Anonymous Mark said...

There was a sous vide set up at gifts from the Earth as well. We want to get one but don't want to get hassled from the HD.

7:22:00 PM  

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