Breaking Bread...

A tribute to a friend...a colleague...a protege...a cook...a follower and practicer of the craft...simply a great guy. Enter Matt Farrer. Passionate, committed, driven, adventurous, inspired and...diagnosed with cancer. Can one say fuck me??? Cancer has hit me so damn close to home it isn't even funny. In reality, I will probably die by that sword, but I pray I do not. I do not wish it on anyone. Matt is strong. A survivor. Determined to overcome it, and with a little help from his chef friends, he will! Some of the top chefs in Seattle are gathering and coming together to cook a kick-ass fundraiser in honor of our friend Matt and to help him with his burden of treatment costs. Jason Wilson-Crush, Jason Franey-Canlis, James Sherrill-Zoe, Scott Staples-Zoe & Quinn, Blaine Wetzel-Willows Inn and yours truly. There is going to be several others who have cooked with Matt, crossed paths or simply know of him and what a great guy he is and want to share in the reaching out to another. Matt has spent time in each of our kitchens and this has molded who Matt has become as a cook and a chef. We are a part of him as he is us. God bless Matt and his fight against cancer. I urge you to join us for the formal dinner, the after party or simply to donate to a great cause and a great guy.


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