Clarity in Thought...

Mind over matter. That is what I try to achieve in my daily travels. I seek to find that clarity in all that I do in life...my work, relationships, family, cooking and lovelife. Some dishes do not always show this transparency for some days do not allow for such clarity. They are cloudy, hazy, overcast and even zero visibility. Sometimes, I am just a wreck and can't focus at all. It all provides for an interesting take on the food though. Even in my most shittiest and downest of moods, moments and frame of mind, I have produced some amazing food. And still, even in the best state, I have turned out crap. Clarity is key. It allows one to focus and strive to achieve greatness. It provides the ability to think and see the moment as well as the future, see the path one is on and where they are headed. It tends to keep one grounded and steer the course to smoother seas. It is something I am working on in my life, as a chef, as a father and a person...
penn cove select oysters, honey gel, radish-heart of palm salad, cucumber
apple, honeydew melon vinaigrette, fennel pollen yogurt
sweetbread & beet salad, walnuts, micro arugula, apples, cider-mustard dressing
grilled diver scallop, octopus-cranberry bean "bolognese", squash agnolotti
pancetta powder, red watercress, spring garlic-green olive-marcona almond "caponata"
citrus crusted hawaiian opah, panisse, fingerling potatoes, beet vinaigrette
radish-pumello-fennel salad
seared scallop, harissa carrots, marcona almond relish
alternate version


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