Good Times Son...

D cooking foie gras for first time!

D cooking foie gras...amazing sight isn't it???

D plating and saucing lamb loin sous vide

D plating salmon crudo

D with his guests...

Being able to write about cooking with my son is nothing short of freakin wonderful! Amazing! Humbling to say the least. The feeling of standing next to your offspring doing what you love to do best, seeing them do it beside you while learning and growing and experiencing their own emotion and gratification is priceless. I can't even begin to explain it... if any of you have a young son or daughter then maybe you have felt what I am experiencing. It is a thought that can not be easily placed into words. An emotion that can not easily be transcribed into a description, and a gift from your heart to the those that you want only to do far better than yourself. I had that experience tonight. I was ever-so-fortunate to be able to cook for some folks that mean a lot to my son and I. We cooked a variety of dishes and ingredients that they had not had before nor had my son cooked before...at all! In fact, in the whole realm of cooking, he has only really just begun. No cooking school yet...no apprenticeship training...no transatlantic stages, just good ol' fashion school of hard knocks. After all, it's his first job and with that comes the world of confusion, intimidation and nervousness, uncertainty and pressure as well as pleasure. But I tell you, he did me proud. He always does. Today was one of those days that remind me of why I do what I do...to teach others, to hand down my knowledge of my craft, to show others all that I know and to leave a legacy behind in my two boys. Someday, I trust and have faith that my two young lads will understand what I have written all that I have worked so hard towards and what I am trying to teach them and thus will carry on with pride and commitment on their own. Here are some shots of "system D" in action...


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