Livin' After Midnight...

it is no mystery or secret that I am a metal head and that most of my work and play is inspired by the music that is made up from that genre. My posts are typically after the close of the day and so it is with this tune in my head, ringing from the Judas Priest-Black Label Society-Thin Lizzy concert tonight...Living After Midnight, that I am inspired to post this picture...really nothing about cooking, other than it is a tribute to my late mother, of whom has taught me, inspired me, guided me and provided me the opportunity to cook. I see this sunset and it reminds me of her...the beautiful, amazing, inspiring woman that she was. I hope that I always make her proud...today, tomorrow and always, both in myself, and in the two precious boys that I have raised. May I always be to them, what she was and is to me. May this photo help to inspire you and may it bring good thoughts to you and remind you of someone special.


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